48 (BONUS): Need an Easy Way to Design Merch t-shirts and Hoodies? Meet WORDRABBIT

Over the last 3 months my development team and I, have been working on an update to the Design Font app (iPhone and iPad). Finally – I am excited to announce that the app – now called WORDRABBIT – is live! You can find it on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/app/wordrabbit-t-shirt-maker/id1233189592?ls=1&mt=8 
It’s got all these new features:
  • Add Holiday and seasonal images from Pixabay
  • Uploadyour own images
  • Use curved text
  • Includes new layers for easy editing
  • Import your own fonts
  • Compatible with Merch Hoodies
You can also visit the WORDRABBIT website to see some t-shirts I’ve made with it: http://wordrabbitapp.com/ If you have an Android phone, you can also request to be notified when the Android version is released here: http://wordrabbitapp.com/

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