35. Waiting for your Merch Invite? Here are the top 3 alternative POD platforms to sell on

Here are the Top 3 alternative POD platforms to sell on if you are waiting for your Merch invite or you want to expand outside Amazon.

– Etsy is a online marketplace with a ton of organic huge traffic. Listen to episode #24 on the podcast where I explain why its a good idea to get started with Etsy. Sign up for Etsy here and get your first 40 listings for free: http://www.merchentrepreneur.com/etsy

– Gearbubble is a platform that allows you to put your Merch ready designs on various products including mugs, and then there is automatic fullfillment between Gearbubble and Amazon Seller Central. You can hear how I sell mugs on Amazon with gearbubble in episode of the podcast. Sign up to Low Hanging System today and get one years free access to the Gearbubble – Amazon auto integration, and $50 in free credit for your first mugs at www.merchentrepreneur.com/low

– Teespring is a huge t-shirt and POD platform, and from February 2017 it’s product listings will also be for sale on Amazon.com. Get started selling today on Teespring here: www.merchentrepreneur.com/teespring

Get your 14 days free trial to Clickfunnels, my favorite email & funnel software HERE

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  1. Hi Elaine,

    I have listened to all of your podcasts and I’m totally inspired. I’m currently waiting on an invite to Merch by Amazon. In the meantime I’m using Teespring to try and get started. I’m super excited to see the Teespring integration with Amazon. I’m very hopeful that by using the tools that you have shared, I too, will excel and succeed.

    Thank You for all that you do.
    Marc Hopkins

  2. Hi Elaine,

    Super useful Podcast!

    Just a couple of quick questions for you.

    1.) For Merch by Amazon I’m assuming we don’t need an Amazon Seller Account?
    2.) Do Amazon apps that track your sales etc work with integrated platforms like Gearbubble and Teespring?



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