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I’ve been listening to Elaine’s Merch Entrepreneur podcast on iTunes and have followed her guidance at every stage. I started in Merch by Amazon in October of 2016 and have already made in excess of $2500, in 3 months time, with only 25 t-shirts on the platform. Her guidance in invaluable! You do NOT have to be a tech wizard, you do NOT have to be a designer, and you do NOT have to have thousands of dollars to put into this amazing side business. You just need some time, an entrepreneurial spirit, and Elaine’s guidance! She takes you from step 1 to earning real money on the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, in simple, easy to follow steps. I cannot recommend this course or her podcast enough! Brooke Ginty, USA – Jan 2017.

Elaine’s guidance has helped me grow from making just a few dollars a month with Merch to almost $5K last month – she really knows what she is talking about and is great at teaching you real actionable techniques to grow a successful, scalable Merch business. I highly recommend you listen and apply what she teaches if you want to create an amazing new business and income source with Merch by Amazon! Nikki Osborne, UK – Jan 2017.

Elaine really knows this business. She has cut through the mustard so you don’t have to. Her knowledge and insights on how to build a great POD biz are invaluable. Her info is concise and generous which will not only help you build a successful business but save you time and money by following her guidelines. The Merch Entrepreneur podcasts are a must. Once you have listened you will be on your way to creating a new income source and will never look back. Mandy Monaghan, Ireland – Jan 2017.

I’ve been listening to Elaine’s fantastic Merch Entrepreneur podcasts since they began. I expect her online masterclass to be equally awesome and look forward to seeing this. The podcasts are great to listen to, are full of useful information and are succinct and to the point. I’ve listened to other podcasts where there is simply too much waffling or are far too long. Elaine certainly knows her stuff. I have improved my merch business by following her suggestions and I am excited for the year ahead to see how my business grows. If you are serious about your Merch business, this is a no-brainer! Prudence Buckley, UK – Jan 2017.

Elaine provides conscise and relevant information that takes you through every stage of the process, importantly helping you avoid time & money wasting practices and supplanting them with tried & tested methods. I’m currently selling over 400 t-shirts a week on the Merch platform. These designs are also ‘ready formatted’ for multiple other POD platforms, which are easily accessible thanks to her great tutorial videos. Ken Ó hÉanna, Ireland – Jan 2017.

The world of Merch by Amazon is relatively new and sometimes difficult to navigate. Fortunately, Elaine cuts through all that and tells you exactly what you need to do in brief and targeted episodes. Thanks Elaine! 5**** iTunes podcast review, Howie – Dec 2016.

Elaine, thank you for being a marvelous inspiration! Looking forward to your Master’s Class. Much success to you in the months & years to come. 5**** iTunes podcast review, Yblehsyblehs – Jan 2017.

I am fairly new to Amazon’s Merch and I have really enjoyed the Merch Entrepreneur podcast. They are short and to the point. She gives great information. The only thing is I wish there were more! 5**** iTunes podcast review, MerchJim – Jan 2017.

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