44. Father’s Day, hot weather & a new Vintage App

How was your Father’s Day? And why is Elaine recording this podcast at 2pm in the afternoon?! Elaine chats about Father’s Day, hot weather & a new Vintage App. Find out more at www.merchapps.com

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  1. Cat

    Hi there, I have been listening to your podcasts and they are very useful, there’s one area I have found to be really lacking in information out there in general, and that’s when you start up in the area of print on demand, what sort of business insurance do you need when you aren’t handling the product but you are producing designs for it, I was thinking along the lines of professional indemnity for mistaken copyright infringement… It would be fantastic if you could discuss this in a podcast as the brokers are very inexperienced in this new industry and/or are out for the yoyos trying to pin cover for the product I don’t produce 🙂

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