Online Merch course

Merch By Amazon Advanced Strategies For Accelerated Success
Discover the insider secrets of a six-figure Merch By Amazon seller. Taught by Daniel Caudill & Dave Espino


What are your goals for 2017? Do you want to create financial freedom? Are you looking to earn an extra $1k/month with a new revenue stream? Is your dream to earn additional passive income to reduce your debt and help with your family’s finances?

Merch by Amazon is the best opportunity that I have ever seen to start and build a online business that generates monthly passive income. We are still in the very early days for this platform, and there are so many ways it can expand even more – from increasing the existing product range, from t-shirts to hoodies and caps, to selling in other countries.

Join this course to get started today, and learn Daniel Caudill’s PROVEN step by step strategies for growing a successful Merch by Amazon business.

In the CORE CONTENT of this course, you’ll discover:

  • Beginning with the correct mindset / strategy for quickly accelerating sales
  • How to run trademark searches before you design, to keep your Merch account protected
  • How to use the best keywords in your Merch by Amazon titles and descriptions
  • Daniel’s top 4 strategies for creating winning t-shirt design ideas that will sell like hotcakes
  • How to avoid competing with other Merch sellers (and the massive benefits you enjoy when you do this)
  • A walkthrough of Daniel’s special outsourcer spreadsheet – how to keep your designs (and designers) organized. (Special outsourcing spreadsheet is ALSO included in this course)
  • How to use the best bullet points and descriptions in your Merch By Amazon listings to get the most sales
  • How to create shirt design ideas (outside of Merch) that have little or no competition from other Merch sellers
  • How to compensate family and friends who give you profitable t-shirt design ideas. (special Spreadsheet included)
  • Daniel teaches you the elements of “The Perfect T-Shirt Design” for making the most profits from Merch by Amazon
  • How to create your own t-shirt lines so that you can quickly ramp up sales
  • What is the “sweet spot” to compete in when it comes to Amazon product rankings?
  • FOUR powerful ways to boost your average weekly sales ratio
  • And plenty of additional Merch by Amazon tips and tricks along the way!

These are the strategies that have launched Daniel’s business into the six-figure range and that have Daniel on track to earn over $20,000 monthly from Merch by Amazon! Visit the online course here to learn more.


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