9. How can I see how well a shirt is selling on Amazon?

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Welcome to the Merch Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m your host Elaine Heney, and in today’s episode we are going to take a little look at the Amazon store, Amazon.com, and look to see how we can figure out what t-shirts are selling and what t-shirts aren’t selling. At the minute I am sitting at my computer and I have opened up Amazon.com. I’ve typed in meow cat t-shirt, and right now I’m looking at a meow on the cat funny cat lovers Halloween costume t-shirt tee. There’s a lot of key words in that title.


Anyway, so what we’re going to do is just have a look to see how we can figure out what t-shirts are selling on Amazon and what t-shirt is selling really well on Amazon. Every page on Amazon, every product on Amazon has a page, and you can see a picture of the t-shirt, you can see the title, you can see what colors it comes in. There’s a little bit of a description about the t-shirt. If you scroll down that page, you can see then if there’s any reviews as well. If you scroll about half way down that page, approximately, there is an area called Product Description. Here you see the product I mentioned, you can see the shipping rate, the ASIN. You can also see something called the Amazon best sellers rank, and this is what we’re looking for. This is a number that every product on Amazon has if it has sold. It kind of just gives you an indication of whether it sells a lot or it doesn’t sell very much basically.


It’s a bit like, if you think the music charts. Everybody wants to be like number one, to the best selling hit, to be number one on the music charts. Amazon is kind of the same. Whatever product is number one, is like the best selling product in that category over all of Amazon. You want to be number one, but obviously it’s a little bit tricky to actually get that far up. You’re looking for a t-shirt that would have smaller, best selling ranks rather than larger. You’re looking for numbers that will be smaller, so numbers between like … Well, not quite one, but any number like under 100,000 is really good. Any number under 2 or 300,000 is definitely worth taking a look at. Now if you see a number that’s like a million or something like that, maybe it sold one t-shirt like six months ago or something, but it’s not really worth worrying about too much.


What’s a little bit tedious about this process is in order to see this best sellers rank, the BSR for each product, which is just the number you need to get an idea of whether it’s selling well or not selling, you need to open up each page. You open up the product page, scroll down, look at the BSR, so that’s a little bit tedious. Here’s a worker orient, if you have Chrome on your computer, you can go to the Chrome web store. If you just type Chrome extension into like Google or something, you will open up the Chrome web store. This is if you’re using the Chrome browser on your computer for surfing the internet. If you’re not, that’s no problem. You can actually just download the Chrome browser for free because with Chrome, people have made these kind of cool little extensions that makes Chrome do a few little extra things. It’s one of these extensions that we’re going to be looking at.


We’ve got into the Chrome web store, and in this store you’re going to search for something called … Let me see, what is the name of it here? DS Amazon Quick View. This is the one I use, and it does a pretty good job. You go into the web store, type that in, find it. It’s free, just install it on your computer. Then go back to Amazon.com. We’re going to go to the first page of Amazon.com. I’m just going to navigate to that on my computer. I have the plug-in installed already. I’m going to type in cat t-shirt and we’ll see what happens. I have a page up, and it’s got, oh I don’t know, like 20 or 30 different cat t-shirts. I can see a little picture of each, and the name and the price, but if I want any more information I’ve got to actually click into the t-shirt.


The really good thing about this plug-in that we’ve just installed, the DS Amazon Quick View, is now on this page that has all of the search results, all together on one page, it’s also showing me the best seller rank. The first t-shirt I’m looking at is a laser eyes space cat t-shirt. It’s got like this funky cat with pink lasers coming out of it’s eyes. I think there’s a rainbow coming out of it’s ass, which is quite funny. That is … The rank on that t-shirt is 8,618. That’s really, really, really good. That t-shirt is selling a lot.


The next one is a Catopia tie dye kitty cat graphic t-shirt. It’s a crazy tie-dye thing. The rank for that is 6,541, so that’s really, really good. Remember the best one that you could ever get is number one, and anything under like 1, 2, 300,000 is still really good. Let me see what else is there? There’s another one here. It’s ranked 5,320. Sorry I can’t, I have plans with my cat, and there’s a sleeping cat picture, which is cute if you’re into cats I guess. Then there’s some other t-shirts there. There’s one here and it was a 3,000 t-shirt, 43,000 t-shirt, 14,000 t-shirt, 24,000, so Amazon are actually quite good.


On this page they’re actually showing some of the best selling cat t-shirts straight away because I guess they figured I’m probably more likely to convert into a buyer if they actually show me their popular t-shirts. There’s one here that’s 130,000, so not quite as popular but still pretty good. There’s a 94,000, 50,000, 33,000, 349,000. That’s kind of on the end of, might just leave it and look for something else kind of t-shirt. This extension is really handy. It’s saved me so much time once I just installed it. It’s just a much easier way to do research and to figure out what’s actually selling or not. You’re looking for trends. Obviously it’s really cool if you’re going to see a t-shirt that has a saying, that you’re like, “Oh yeah. That could be good.” Then you check
first of all of course to see, does it have a trademark? If it has a trademark, just step aside, move on. You can’t do anything.


If it doesn’t have a trademark and it’s selling well, you can see from the BSR it’s quite low, it’s under 100,000, under 200,000, then do a search in Amazon. Whatever that little saying is, just type it in, put the word t-shirt at the end of it and see are there many competitors? Maybe there is 500 and you’re like, “Oh my God. Forget it.” Maybe there’s 100, but maybe there’s just six. If there’s only six there, definitely obviously don’t copy the t-shirt or anything like that, but I mean if the phrase isn’t trademarked you can use the phrase, come up with your own design that you think would be appealing. Have a bit of fun with it, and then that’s definitely a t-shirt that you could look to uploading to Merch.


DS Amazon Quick View. It’s a Chrome extension. You’re going to need the Chrome internet browser on your computer in order to be able to use it, but it is completely worth it. Definitely. I could never do research without the little plug in because it just gives you straight away a much better idea of all the t-shirts that you’re looking at, which ones are actually selling, and which ones aren’t selling I should say. That’s it for this episode. If you’d like to learn some more or join our Facebook group, pop over to the website MerchEntrepreneur.com and you can get all the info there.

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