22. Elaine shares her $495,000 Goal Setting Masterplan Plan for 2017 With Merch and other POD platforms

Elaine Heney breaks down her 2017 goals into three areas – work, time and community. Listen to her $495,000 Goal Setting Masterplan Plan for 2017 with Merch and other POD platforms. Learn more details about how I sold $128,295.78 of t-shirts in 10 months on Merch by Amazon with my free online masterclass.Sign up to get my 5 favorite Merch by Amazon tools & resources today at www.merchentrepreneur.com/tools. Building your Merch by Amazon business? Get free case studies and POD tactics delivered to your inbox at www.merchentrepreneur.com/signup. Join our facebook community at www.facebook.com/groups/merchentrepreneurs.

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  1. Brian Robson

    Thank you for your podcasts they are very informative and awesome! Quick question about this podcast. What is the name of the other platform that you are having the most success with besides merch? I have not been approved to sell on merch yet and would like to start out the gate on the right track. Thank you : )

  2. Hi,
    I find you site really helpful and informative, and your voice is so nice to listen! Thanks a lot for sharing all your experience, appreciate it a lot. It’s motivating to try at least 🙂 Good luck with your 2017 goals!

    About the PODs, I’m interested which of them do you mean? I’m already with few most popular like FAA, Redbubble, S6, Photo4Me, etc. Income is regular but not that crazy as you did it with MbA.

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