13. 4 great websites to find free commercial use fonts

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Welcome to the Merch Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m your host, Elaine Heney. Just talking a little bit about the t-shirt designs that I do. I have found … Most of my t-shirts that I have done have usually involved text of some sorts. Now there may be text on their own, there may be text with an image, but I’ve actually got very few t-shirts up that are just an image on its own. In terms of text, if your going to put text on a t-shirt you have to be careful what font you’re going to use in that text. Because you’re going to be selling these t-shirts, hopefully, and making money, you have to use fonts that are suitable for a commercial use. A lot of fonts that you’ll come across, they don’t actually give you the license to use them commercially, to use them for something that you could potentially make money from.

In this episode, I’m going to go through four of my favorite websites for finding free commercial use fonts. I’ll go through the different URLs. Just so you don’t have to kind of try and write down everything as I’m speaking, if you go to the website merchentrepreneur.com/fonts you can get a download there with links to all the websites I’m talking about. The first website on my list is a website, it’s called www.1001fonts.com. This is a really good website for finding just really kind of unusual, dramatic, commercial use fonts.

At the moment I am on the page 1001fonts.com/free-fonts-for-commercial-use.html. They have a really cool one called Scriptina Regular. They have a crazy kind of death metal one which looks, actually it really looks beautiful. Whoever designed it did an amazing job. They have a cool kind of Valet, kind of type one that looks really good. These are really, really gorgeous and definitely are going to help make your t-shirts stand out. That is my first website.

My second website for finding commercial use fonts is a website called fontsquirrel.com. I’m just looking at it here. It says, “Free fonts have met their match. We know how hard it is to find quality freeware that’s licensed for commercial work. We’ve done the hard work, hand-selecting these typefaces and presenting them in an easy-to-use format. Here are some of our favorites.” These are gorgeous. They’ve actually … I’m actually looking at a really nice one that I have to grab. It’s a 3D kind of like old school, rusty kind of … It’s just really, really nice. I think of it, it’s quite bold so I think it would stand out really well actually on a t-shirt. This is a really cool website as well just for getting really interesting fonts.

The third one, this is probably the one I use the most. It’s called dafont.com. One of my favorites. God, I started using this back in the day when I was doing mobile apps actually, was getting commercial use fonts from here. When you go onto the DaFont website, initially your just met with every type of font in the world whether it’s commercial use or not, or free, or just free for personal use. The trick with the DaFont website is you have to do a little bit of digging.

At the top of the website, click, there’s – you’ll see there is a few options so click the word “top,” and then this is going to get you the best sellers which is always a good place to start. There’s a tiny little option and it says, “More options.” The text is really small. You’re going to click on that. Then, you can select either Public domain, 100% free, Free for personal use, Donationware, Shareware, Demo, Unknown, whatever. I’m going to just tick Public domain option, and then hit Submit. Then you get some really nice fonts that you can use that are in the public domain.

A really nice one here is called “Lobster.” It’s a really kind of nice swirly one. It’d be really good for kind of like ladies t-shirts and stuff. There’s one her actually, “Lemon Tuesday” that’s quite good. It looks like kind of handwriting, but it’s actually quite readable. Some of the handwriting ones are hard to read. Pacifico is a really nice one. It’s like a kind of a roundy handwritten kind of swirly one, which is quite nice. Anything else here that I like? Broken Glass, that’s a crazy one. That’s actually a font that looks like it’s made out of broken glass. That’s crazy, maybe for Halloween or something. There’s just tons and tons of really nice font here on the DaFont website.

Then fourth one is actually Google Fonts. From the developers.google.com/fonts website it says, “Free to use. All fonts are released under open source licenses. You can use them in any non-commercial or commercial project. With so many unique fonts to use, you’re bound to find something you like!” Then, the main Google fonts site is just fonts.google.com. You can go on there and they have tons of different fonts. These are kind of more simple fonts. They’re not as … Some of the other websites have a lot more swirly, elaborate, 3D type fonts, but there’s some good fonts here on Google.

Again, you can use them for commercial use which is really good. I see “Lobster” is on this again. It’s “Cacao”. It’s swirly, kind of catches your eye. There’s a nice one, “Gloria Hallelujah.” It’s like someone has written it with a pen, but the letters aren’t joined up so they’re kind of like one letter at a time. It’s quit nice though.

They are my four favorite websites for finding commercial use fonts. You will definitely need them, because you will find probably that most of your t-shirts will end up having text on them. Having a really nice range of 20 or 30 commercial use fonts that you really like, that you can kind of interchange with each other based on what the theme of the t-shirt is and what you want to do. They’re just really, really good resource to have on your computer, ready to go for when you’re creating your t-shirt designs.

A really quick way to get the link to all of those websites instead of trying to scribble them down, I have them all done for you in a very handy little PDF. Just go to merchentrepreneur.com/fonts, and then you can just download the PDF from there and go crazy, and just have a nice, an enjoyable half an hour, three-quarters of an hour just going through websites and picking out what fonts you really like, and downloading them to your computer I should say. Then you’ll be ready to design some really cool new t-shirts for Merch by Amazon.

That’s it for this podcast. I hope it was useful. It’s funny, like doing these t-shirts … For me, it’s a bit like being back in primary school or maybe the beginning of secondary school. You had all these serious classes. You’d go to English, then you’d go to Maths, then you’d do some Geography. Then, oh my God, you’d do some History and try and remember everything. Then, you had that one class of the day that was just fun, and it was Art class. You could just go and draw pictures, and there was no pressure. It was just like really, really enjoyable. For me it’s crazy, this Merch business.

When I sit down at my computer, I’m like, “Yeah, I’m going to do some new designs.” It’s kind of like being a kid again, being back in Art class. No one really cares what you do. You just enjoy the art, just doodling around and changing different fonts, and seeing what works, and moving things over, and sticking in a picture at the top and moving the text down and saving it. It’s crazy. Yeah. I think I’m reliving my childhood a little bit, but in a very good say. It’s definitely the most enjoyable business I’ve been involved in, and really it’s a nice creative outlet I guess you could say.

Hopefully the fonts are useful. Thank you so much for listening. If you’d like to get in touch, our website is merchentrepreneur.com. To get those fonts again, go to merchentrepreneur.com/fonts. Thanks so much, and speak to you in the next episode.

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