7. 10 Steps to get Started with Merch by Amazon

New to t-shirt designing, selling shirts through Amazon, and Merch by Amazon? Here is the 10 step quick start guide.

  • Request an invitation at www.merch.amazon.com
  • You will have to wait about 8-12 weeks to get an invite. While you wait you can join this facebook group. If you are not on facebook it is worth it to join to access these groups. Seriously.
  • Also join this facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/merchentrepreneurs/
  • Download your free Merch starter kit.
  • Listen to the Merch Entrepreneur podcast
  • Download the OVER app to your phone and start creating t-shirt designs. Be aware you need to only include commercial use fonts that you personally installed on this app for t-shirts. You can’t use the fonts on the app.
  • Download the WORDSWAG app to your phone and start creating t-shirt designs.
  • Buy and watch this excellent online course about Merch.
  • Read the Merch.co website to learn more about merch.
  • Spend 5 minutes each day reading the merch facebook groups. When your invite is approved you will be prepared and ready to go!
  • Sign up to get my 5 favorite Merch by Amazon tools & resources today at www.merchentrepreneur.com/tools. Building your Merch by Amazon business? Get free case studies and POD tactics delivered to your inbox at www.merchentrepreneur.com/signup. Join our facebook community at www.facebook.com/groups/merchentrepreneurs.

    Welcome to the Merch Entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Elaine Heney, and this week, I have something special. I’ve been telling pretty much all of my friends that it’s such a good idea. Even if you have a job that you love, if you’re not looking for anything in particular, you have enough to maintain your lifestyle, you think you’re fine at the minute, you don’t need to do anything extra, literally there is never a bad aspect of having a sideline business that you can work wherever you want, you can work whatever times you want, that will bring you in some sort of passive income.

    Even if it is the case that you’re busy, you have work, you have family commitments, all that kind of thing. You like your job. Your job is secure. If you can start now and start now with a sideline business like Merch or something similar, even if you don’t need it now, it means that in the future, maybe your situation will change. Maybe things will change with your family or maybe something will change in your work environment. Maybe they decide they are going to start cutting costs or do redundancies or something like that. If in your back pocket you know that, okay, I have this little business I’ve been working on for the past year, and it’s making me $500 a month, or it’s making me $1,000 a month, or $2,000 a month, you have that security in your back pocket that you have a plan B if your main situation, which may be fine now, suddenly doesn’t work. That security is literally priceless.

    So anyway, I have been pretty much harassing all my friends telling them about this Merch t-shirt business and why even if they are completely happy in their life right now, it’s still a really good opportunity to dabble in a bit and get started and upload some t-shirts, just on the side, and see how they go. I kind of sell them on the idea, and then I grill it in it doesn’t cost any money. I just get an invitation, and then I can make t-shirts on my phone, which I say yes to. Then they are like, “Okay. How do I actually get started. What do I need to do?”

    So in this podcast, I have the 10 steps, 10 practical steps if you are just getting started with Merch by Amazon. The first thing you need to do is go to www.merch.amazon.com, and you need to request an invitation from Amazon. The story is you can’t just start doing t-shirts today. You need to look for an invitation. Amazon probably won’t do anything for, God, weeks, if not months. I think when I was doing it, it took about three months to get approved or maybe a little bit more. But you have to just request an invitation, and then stare. Forget about it, and check back in every couple of weeks to see if they’ve approved you yet.

    Number two, while you’re waiting, all is not lost. There are some really good Facebook groups that you can join. The first Facebook group is called Merch by Amazon. I have all of these 10 different steps written on the Merch Entrepreneur website, so if you go to merchentrepreneur.com/quickstart, you’re going to get all the links that I’m talking about in these 10 steps listed. Step number two is to join the Merch by Amazon Facebook group.

    Step number three is to join the Merch Entrepreneur Facebook group. Where it seems to be happening these days, and I know maybe some people aren’t on Facebook, and they’re like, “Oh, God, I can’t join Facebook. It’s just a time waster,” and all that kind of stuff. Yes, Facebook is disastrous for finding crazy videos of cats doing strange things and cute puppies and all this kind of stuff. But honestly … And I’ve actually talked my friends into doing this as well … if you’re not on Facebook, for this purpose, purely for business, get on Facebook, because this is where people are talking about Merch, more so than anywhere else. So on Facebook. So step two and step three, I have the links to the two Facebook groups. You can find the links at merchentrepreneur.com/quickstart.

    Step number four, download your free Merch starter kit. You can get that at merchentrepreneur.com, and that would be some template that you need to get started to design your t-shirts and a few more useful tips and tricks and tools in there that will get you started. Step number five, which you are doing already, is listen to the Merch Entrepreneur podcast. If you haven’t already, the episodes are really short. They are like 10 minutes each, so go back to the start, download all of them, hit the subscribe button so you never miss out on new episodes, and we’re going to have lots of stories of successful Merch people coming up in the next few weeks. That will be definitely interesting, so listen to those podcasts. I will usually listen to podcasts when I’m walking, so I get my 10,000 steps in plus I get education, so it’s a double whammy.

    Step number six. A really good app that you can use on your phone … I think it’s better on iPhone than an Android … is an app called Over. Have a look for this in the store, download it to your phone, have a play around. Step number seven. Another app that’s really good … It’s definitely on iPhone. It could be on Android as well … is an app called Word Swag. This is one of my favorites. I love it. Download Word Swag to your phone, have a play around with different ideas. Then step number eight. There is a really good online course which has been put together by Chris Green on Udemy. You can find that and absolutely worth purchasing. I bought it when I was starting off with Merch. I found it really useful, so you can get the link to that as well at merchentrepreneur.com/quickstart.

    Then number nine. A really good website that has tons of different topics, everything to do with Merch and designing t-shirts and finding ideas, merch.co. You can have a look at that. And then lastly, number 10, and this is what I do every day. Spend five minutes each day reading the Merch Facebook groups. A lot of the time, it is people saying, “Oh, I’ve just been approved. I sold my first t-shirt.” You’re like, “Okay.” It is really exciting. If you spend five minutes every day, just skim through what people are talking about. Sometimes there is really useful stuff, like maybe they’re not tiering up or something, or there’s been a change in the rules, or Amazon have announced something. So you’ll definitely hear everything that you need to. Well, pretty much everything that you need to know in the Facebook groups. Usually if Merch sneezes, somebody has noticed it and written about it in the Facebook group, so they are really good.

    So that is my 10 step checklist for how to practically get started with Merch. If you’re like, “Yes, I’m on board. I’m excited, but Elaine, listen. What do I actually need to do to get going?” They are the 10 steps. You can get them at merchentrepreneur.com/quickstart. So that’s it. Thanks so much for listening

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    1. Hey Elaine,
      I just discovered you through Nick Loper and I’m working my way through your episodes. I got approved by Merch on monday and I’m very excited to make a start!
      You mentioned in this episode a course on Udemy by Chris Green. I see he has more than one course on there, would you mind clarifying which one you meant?

      Ryan H.

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